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Tim T., of Indiana, has several Victory Mark I and Mark II sweepers. Here's what this long-time Schwarze user has to say about his experiences since he started using Victory sweepers:

I have four Mark IIs, and a couple of the Mark I sweepers... Victory's customer service can't be beat. I don't care who makes the truck, people make them so something is always going to go wrong with them especially in the environment we use sweepers in. It's how they take care of you after the sale. Victory has exceeded my expectations.

I've had the (Schwarze) 333s (before), four of them before, and I've traded three for the Victory Mark I and Mark II sweepers. The Mark I seems to sweep lots heavier gravel than the 333s will. The drivers seem to like them. The Mark II will suck the yellow stripe right off the asphalt. We even have one of them we've sent behind our broom truck when we're doing construction sweeping sometimes.

The thing about them, either the Mark I or the Mark II – and three of the trucks are three years old – you wash them up and they look brand new. With the 333s, it seems like after a couple of months the black on the truck and the white on the hopper starts rusting. Nothing I hate more than buying a sweeper and 3 – 6 months down the road your black on the back is all peeled off and rusted, rust lines off the bolt heads and all that. With the Victory, over time they still look good.

When I need to troubleshoot something I can call and they'll stay on the line until you get it taken care of. At Victory you're not forgotten after you buy your sweeper. It's like a family, they stay in touch with you and keep track of how you're doing. ...They also take stuff we tell them into consideration. The guys like us who are on the parking lots every night for 10 or 12 hours are the ones who know what's going on. Victory has great customer service and other companies should model their customer service after them.

For the complete (approximately 3-minute) interview with Tim, click on this link to hear him discussing in further detail his experience with his Victory Mark I and Mark II sweepers.

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