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Victory Sweepers' Coronavirus Response

At Victory Sweepers we will be doing all we can to assist power sweeping contractors – whether or not you are currently a Victory Sweepers' customer.

Click on any model name or photo to get a PDF spec sheet.

Victory Sweepers' Mark III


The flagship of our line is the Mark III, a truck-mounted air sweeper designed for effective sweeping of roads, runways and construction sites.

Victory Sweepers' GX


Twin-engine, gas/gas, low cost, plenty of power for any parking area sweeping applications.

Victory Sweepers' CX


High dumping, 2.7 cubic yard, recirculating air, stainless construction.

Victory Sweepers' CXi


High dumping, 2.7 cubic yard, recirculating air, stainless construction.

Victory Sweepers' DF


High dumping, 4.35 cubic yard, recirculating air, stainless construction, gas chassis – diesel sweeper.

Victory Sweepers' DX


High dumping, 4.35 cubic yard, recirculating air, stainless construction.

Victory Sweepers' T-600


Low cost, tow-behind mechanical sweeper. Inexpensive to operate and handles from routine parking lot sweeping to construction sites. Also available is our model E600 in an all-electric configuration!

From The Desk Of Mark Schwarze

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To All American Sweeping Contractors –

Mark Schwarze In these difficult and very unique times the Victory Sweepers Division of ROOTS MULTI CLEAN Inc. wants to make sure everyone knows our commitment and willingness to support the industry we love so much.

As someone whose parents started out as sweeping contractors before founding Schwarze Industries in 1974 – and who has personally worked with contractors for over 40 years – I know how the current COVID-19 uncertainty must be affecting sweeping contractors throughout the U.S.

Beginning now and continuing until the 15th of April, Victory Sweepers will extend 60-day payment terms on up to $2500.00 in parts orders, although some restrictions do apply. This is not only extended to our Victory family of owners but to ALL within the industry who might need help during these potentially slower times.

Although I have heard some stories about sweeping frequency increasing, I have also heard about some cutbacks. No matter in which situation you find yourself, please understand that Victory Sweepers has now – and will always have – your back as we know the safest bet in the world is to bet on Americans. We will get through this and we will recover stronger than we were before it started because we will all pull together.

Currently our production and sales operations are open and we have no plans to close. Call Monte 931-675-1155 for all your parts needs and to arrange your credit line. If we're ordered to close, Monte will call me or another Victory TEAM Member and we will do our best to make your parts ship out as promised.

Remember Free Freight Friday will continue through the end of April.

ViewPDFfileBtn In addition, I urge you to take this pandemic situation seriously and avoid any and all risks that are preventable.

Use the link shown if you would like to see a PDF file of the "Sweeper COVID-19 Safety Protocol Suggestions" thought up by our Victory Team. Please feel free to send any and all suggestions you have for additions to our Protocols to If appropriate, we'll update the PDF with them.

We also suggest you take a look at the COVID-19 Industry Update of sweeping-specific information provided last Saturday by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Editor of and Director of the World Sweeping Association. Here is a link to that information, which Ranger said he plans to keep updated as time goes on.

We appreciate everyone in this industry and we really want to help. Let us know if there is anything you need and we will TRY our best to help you obtain it. No, we don't have extra toilet paper, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves or masks; however, we will help you try to find almost anything else you need.

Mark Schwarze
256-797-2364 Cell
Sales, Marketing and Product Development Manager
Victory Sweepers, Division of ROOTS MULTI CLEAN Inc.

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