T600 Animation

The Victory T600:
America's Leading Low Cost
Sweeper Gets Even Better!

If you want to get an understanding of the amazing array of material the Victory T600 can handle, just watch the T500/T600 video. It may well be the best seven-minute investment of time you ever make.

Although the video features our previous T500 model, the T600 model (introduced in mid-2011) is the same basic sweeper but with a number of feature upgrades. These include a stainless steel hopper as standard equipment. Want to color match? If so, you can specify your color for the T600 logo!

Click here to access our PDF file showing the most significant half dozen of these. These are also listed on the front of the T600 Specifications Brochure, which additionally provides complete T600 specs.

If any of these YouTube-hosted videos do not play properly on your computer, please call our toll-free number, 844-4-SWEEPER (844-479-3373), to request your free CD. You may also view them directly at YouTube by following the link shown below each of the videos.

Link to video at YouTube.

Link to video at YouTube.

Link to video at YouTube.

The T600 Offers Many Outstanding Features...

T600 Features

The More You See,
The Better Victory's T600 Looks!

Take a look at the following photo animations of the amazing Victory T600. You will get a better idea why users throughout America – from contractors to malls to municipalities – hail the Victory tow-behind sweepers as being the answer to the high cost of sweeping!

Pack the T600 Full! As you can see, you can pack a lot of material into the Victory T600. This photo animation shows what the machine can do with a very difficult type of debris – twigs and sticks.

You'll find that the T600 is equally efficient with the more typical types of debris found in parking lots. A number of sweeping contractors have found the T600 is a versatile construction site sweeper, as well.

Garbage Bag Rack Do you change out garbage bags for some of your clients? No problem with the Victory T600! The T600's optional bag holder system is ideal for this task.

It's also great for the occasional large piece of debris a sweeper can't handle on its own. Perhaps best of all, your T600 will only burn about 1.5 gallons of fuel in a typical 8-hour shift.

If you're having trouble remaining profitable sweeping parking lots with an expensive, twin-engine, chassis-mounted sweeper we respectfully suggest you may want to rethink your business model.

Still wonder if a T600 is right for you? We invite you to take a look at a PDF white paper that shows the results an actual contractor saw when he put one of our Victory tow-behind machines on a remote route.

WSA Logo Are you a member–or considering becoming a member–of NAPSA or the World Sweeping Association? Victory offers a discount structure to both industry associations. Click here to find out more. NAPSA Logo

Now, pick up the phone and make a toll free call to the Victory Sweepers factory. We invite your questions about the sweeper that's taking America by storm – and able to clean up after them, as well!

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