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Check out the Liberator!
Take a look at our new pickup-mounted, high-dumping sweeper designed to lower the cost of sweeping parking areas.


America's leading low-cost sweeper gets better!
Take a look at our new T600 "do everything" tow-behind sweeper.

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Take a look at our CXG, new in 2012.
America's cost-effective chassis-mounted parking area sweeper!

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We have changed over to VOIP to help us deliver our calls to the correct people more efficiently! Our new Toll Free number is 844-4-SWEEPER (844-479-3373). The local number is 256-850-0429

Welcome to our website. To all my friends from the 35+ years I've been involved in the sweeping business, we are proud to be offering America's biggest selection of parking area sweepers.

To those in the industry I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet personally, I look forward to doing so. I'm also excited to show you the family-oriented level of quality, service and 'do what it takes' customer support that were the hallmarks of the manufacturing company my father founded, and which I headed up for over a decade.

It's an understatement to say that I'm excited about the future of sweeping, and very honored to once again be a part of the industry I grew up in. If you're in the sweeping industry and are reading this, know that the slogan I chose for my company, 'Winning Together,' is more than just a standard company catch-phrase.

My goal is to raise the bar in a number of areas, hopefully for the greater good of the entire sweeping industry. Stay tuned!

Since we began back in 2006, we have produced what have been widely acclaimed as the most innovative line of parking area and construction cleanup sweepers in America. Our company's flagship model, the Mark II, redefined the design of twin engine sweepers, as well as ease of operation with its hallmark joystick controls and many patent-pending features.

New for 2013 was our Liberator sweeper, our first pickup-mounted parking area sweeper. It has become the most cost-effective chassis-mounted machine in America and offers a unique through-fan grind/compaction system that allows the 1.7 cubic yard hopper to hold much more material between dumps.

Even though the recession is now finally waning, our CXG sweeper remains a leader for those who want a traditional, chassis-mounted sweeper they can operate profitably.

We're also very proud of our tow-behind sweeper line. Initially scorned by many established sweeping contractors, a number of those same contractors now credited our T500 (or the all-electric, super quiet E600) as being the machine that saved their company. Now, the updated T600 model we introduced in mid-2011, and have updated since, raises the bar even more.

As always, thanks for your support. If you'd like to keep up with the latest Victory Sweeper news as we continue to modify, improve and develop new products, please fill out our contact form.

Street Sweepers - Parking Lot Sweepers
Mark Schwarze
Street Sweepers - Parking Lot Sweepers


Street Sweepers - Parking Lot Sweepers

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