Victory Founding

Victory LogoThe initial design of Victory Sweepers’ Division products are from the Schwarze family, the pioneers in manufacture of parking lot sweepers. Their experience spans over four decades in this industry. Their products at one point had over 60% of the entire U.S. market for parking lot sweepers.

The products are from Victory Sweepers, Inc., which was formed by Mark Schwarze a decade ago with an aim to provide the best possible designs that were simple to operate and incorporated the latest technology. They also sought to provide industry-leading customer service programs in the parking lot industry. Mark Schwarze has had a fascinating history in the power sweeping industry and remains at today's Victory Sweepers to assist in the growth of the firm.

Victory Founding

In 2017, in order to gain the capitalization needed to advance Victory's parking area sweeper line and, ultimately, expand into the production of street-class sweepers with further improved design, improvements and better customer service, ROOTS, a globally-growing Group, has acquired the product lines, product designs & operating assets of Victory Sweepers.

Roots Logo The Roots Group of Companies offer significant financial strength coupled with multi-faceted manufacturing expertise. In addition to its cleaning arm, Roots Multiclean, LTD, of which Victory Sweepers is now a component, Roots has expertise in auto accessories; offers turnkey solutions for zinc and aluminum die casting; provides world class injection moulding solutions; precision tooling; and, is one of the top five vehicle horn manufacturing companies in the world.

Now that Victory Sweepers has become a component of Roots' worldwide footprint, it will able to benefit from the significant, multi-faceted expertise Roots is able to offer. Founded in 1970, Roots has full-fledged manufacturing facilities in India, Malaysia and Russia, as well as offices in strategic locations around the world. In addition to sweepers, Roots manufactures a wide range of electric horns, halogen bulbs, disc brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, batteries and reverse sensors.

Since 2005 its High Precision Engineering Division has been manufacturing critical parts, subassemblies and high level assemblies for the medical, aerospace, flow control, automobile and other engineering industries. In the same year, Roots established its Metrology division and became accredited by NABL. In 2013 a commercial furniture manufacturing division, Roots Syona, was established to manufacture ergonomically-designed furniture.

The Roots management team is confident that it will be able to provide meticulously designed, top quality, 'Made in the USA' sweepers that will appeal to the United States and worldwide power sweeping marketplace. We are very proud of our reputation for customer service, product longevity and ability to add value that have become the hallmarks of the Roots organization around the world.


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