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The MARK III is the latest sweeper in its Liberty line to be introduced by Victory Sweepers.

Designed for effective sweeping of roads, runways and construction sites, the Mark III regenerative air sweeper is a 4.35 cubic yard machine available on Isuzu 14,500, 16,000, 17,950 and 19,900 GVW chassis, depending upon customer preferences and payload requirements.

Liberty DX

The Liberty DX combines power, efficiency and low cost of operation

The Liberty DX offers a Caterpillar 4-cycle diesel engine with a 4.35 cubic yard hopper, which is an economical combination for a rugged parking lot sweeper. The suction tubes on this recirculative air machine are both 10" in diameter.

Liberty GX

The Liberty GX is designed with productivity – and the simplicity of gas/gas operation – in mind.

The Liberty GX is an all-gas sweeper with a 4.35 cubic yard hopper. Like the DX, the suction tubes on our GX model are both 10" in diameter.

The GX also provides all the sweeping power of the DX, but without having to deal with the complications of Tier 4 diesel technology and the chassis troubles that have been documented with low speed vehicles like sweepers.

CXG Animation

Victory's CXG Model offers a great blend of twin-engine sweeping power and low cost of operation.

Mounting on either a Chevrolet C2500HD or Ford F250 assures dependability and the CXG's powder coated steel (or optional stainless steel) construction, Kohler 25 hp auxiliary engine and Victory design offer unparalleled parking area sweeping.

High-dumping offload and the CXG's 2.7 cubic yard hopper is plenty for most any parking area sweeping applications.

T600 Animation

The T600 is America's leading low-cost sweeper.

The tow-behind T600 will pick up an amazing array of material. To learn more, check out the video on the T600's home page. The T600 is an ideal backup sweeper, though many contractors and property owners use this rugged sweeper on a daily basis in all kinds of sweeping applications.


The E600 offers all the pickup ability of the T600 but with very quiet, all-electric operation.

The E600 is the same sweeping system, just operated via a golf cart-type battery array vs. the Honda gasoline motor. This method of operation makes the E600 ideal for areas where noise is an issue.

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